This Library of Actions is a handbook of actions developed and implemented by PLOTINA RPO partners to address gender inequalities in their own research performing organisation (RPO) as part of their self-tailored gender equality plan. The actions include top-down actions, raising awareness, and work and personal life integration actions. Some are at departmental some at institutional level. The list has been prepared to support other organisations in their efforts to design their own gender equality actions. After implementing and analysing their actions, each partner identified which actions worked best and which had less significant results in their organisation. The List of Actions presented here indicates the actions that have been selected as good practices by each RPO partner.

The Library of Actions can be browsed following different criteria, by key area, by objectives, by RPO and by type of action. A list of actions is collapsed under each key area, click ‘Show specific actions’ to access examples and what and how PLOTINA RPOs implemented gender equality actions.

Further information is provided by clicking on the RPO’s name when expand that option.

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 KA 1 The governance bodies, key actors and decision-makers Show specific actions

  • Create structures and offer tools to support and promote gender equality in the institution with the engagement of key figures (Key Area 1) Show specific actions
  • Promote a more horizontal, gender-aware and egalitarian leadership in the institution (Key Area 1) Show specific actions
  • Prevent and combat sexual and gender-based harassment in the institution (Key Area 1) Show specific actions
  • Promote diversity and inclusivity with the institutional use of communication (Key Area 1) Show specific actions
  • Review the institution (representation, structures, culture…) from a gender perspective (Key Area 1)Show specific actions
  • Adopt strategies to encourage accountability at all levels for the implementation and institutionalization of the GEP in the RPO/institution (Key Area 1) Show specific actions
  • Ensure all stakeholders are aware and have easy access to the information about the gender equality policy and GEP implementation (Key Area 1) Show specific actions
  • Ensure that every person involved in the recruitment process is aware of gender-issues, discrimination and stereotypes (Key Area 2) Show specific actions
  • Promote gender inclusive and bias free recruitment, career progression, retention and evaluation policy in the institution (Key Area 2) Show specific actions
  • Understand more deeply the multiple gender bias that happen in the recruitment, career progression and retention processes (Key Area 2) Show specific actions
  • Ensure all women in the institution are empowered from a gender perspective (Key Area 2) Show specific actions
  • Promote initiatives to support the career progression of the underrepresented gender in high and top positions (Key Area 2) Show specific actions
  • Ensure availability of structured supports for work and personal life integration (Key Area 3) Show specific actions
  • Enable individuals on parental leave to have an easier return to work (Key Area 3) Show specific actions
  • Promote the inclusion of the sex and gender dimension in research content (Key Area 4) Show specific actions
  • Raising awareness and training researchers on integrating the sex and gender dimension in research content (Key Area 4) Show specific actions
  • Promote the integration of a sex and gender dimension in teaching curricula (Key Area 5) Show specific actions
007Appointing delegates (in departments/faculties/schools) to be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that workplace procedures and practices are gender-neutral
Show RPOs' experiences
    008Creating institutional gender equality structures Show RPOs' experiences
      009Creating the role of gender and diversity coordinator that refers to top decision bodies Show RPOs' experiences
        012Creating a network structure with the aim to facilitate and maintain communication and cooperation between actors in the areas of gender research and gender equality practice Show RPOs' experiences
          013Developing initiatives to raise gender awareness and capacity at all levels of the organization with provision of training to staff, teaching and research staff Show RPOs' experiences
            014How to film an organisational video showcasing E&D activities Show RPOs' experiences
              015Raising gender equality awareness through the development and provision of seminars to senior leadership and key figures Show RPOs' experiences
                119Developing sexual harassment prevention and support structures/channels, easily available, accessible and well communicated to all stakeholders Show RPOs' experiences
                  025Reviewing institutional documents from a gender perspective Show RPOs' experiences
                    026Providing staff members with useful tools that will help them using an inclusive language Show RPOs' experiences
                      030Integrating and analysing questions about gender equality issues in internal questionnaires about staff satisfaction at work or working atmosphere Show RPOs' experiences
                        031Gathering gender disaggregated data regularly, quantitative and qualitative. Analysing these data in a dedicated Report so as to monitor gender and diversity in the organization Show RPOs' experiences
                          034Planning university activities from a gender perspective Show RPOs' experiences
                            036Integrating Gender Equality policies and processes in the Quality System Management Show RPOs' experiences
                              040Providing online and/or hard copies of gender equality and diversity policies to internal and external staff Show RPOs' experiences
                                046Developing gender awareness initiatives, briefings or guidelines for recruitment and appointment of Recruitment Committee/panel members Show RPOs' experiences
                                  047Organizing a workshop to enhance transparency about the selection/promotion process and the criteria for promotion Show RPOs' experiences
                                    048Training the members of selection and promotion committees regarding gender bias, inclusive recruitment and promotion procedures Show RPOs' experiences
                                      054Including gender balance as a criterion, every other conditions being equal Show RPOs' experiences
                                        055Taking maternity, paternity and parental leave periods into consideration when assessing and evaluating Research output for recruitment and promotion decisions Show RPOs' experiences
                                          056Reviewing the recruitment and promotion process for identification of potential gender bias Show RPOs' experiences
                                            057Developing an exit questionnaire for staff to understand the reasons for leaving the organization from a gender perspective Show RPOs' experiences
                                              061Enhancing visibility of female role models Show RPOs' experiences
                                                062Developing awareness raising initiatives to enhance women’s contribution to research Show RPOs' experiences
                                                  065Mentoring and empowerment courses to improve visibility, self-confidence, negotiating and leadership skills, particularly dedicated to the underrepresented gender Show RPOs' experiences
                                                    069Providing training and advice to women in STEMM to apply and write funding aplications Show RPOs' experiences
                                                      076Reviewing the work and personal life integration measures that exist in the organization, analysing the use women and men make of them, how measures could be improved and what other needs workers might have to improve or propose new measures Show RPOs' experiences
                                                        078Developing initiatives to encourage men to take parental leave Show RPOs' experiences
                                                          080Creating an information and advice resource (e.g. desk) for the integration of work and personal life Show RPOs' experiences
                                                            081Providing structured support inside the organisation for staff with caring responsibilities Show RPOs' experiences
                                                              084Supporting women and men coming back to work from parental leaves, from reduced work load to work times Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                086Providing specific measures and support for both members of dual career couples Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                  088Creating lactation rooms/spaces within the organization (for both staff and student use) Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                    089Developing feasibility plans for the creation of new welfare services, ex. contract arrangements with service suppliers from family care duties and house chores to summer camp organization, to child-care in case of conference or congress Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                      090Providing institutional funding to support re-establishing research programs after parental leave (e.g. providing teaching relief support for new parents) Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                        091Formal process in place for contacts and communication with women and men during parental leaves Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                          109Enhancing visibility of the gender dimension in research Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                            112Organising internal training workshops on the use of sex and gender analysis methods in Research Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                              115Providing staff with Guides and Workshops on integration of equality and diversity in curriculum design, learning activities and/or program of study, as a teaching and learning support Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                                116Development of introductory and advanced courses for all disciplines on sex and gender variables in Research Show RPOs' experiences
                                                                                  118Providing students with specific courses relevant to sex/ gender in their study curricula Show RPOs' experiences