Enhancing visibility of the gender dimension in research: PLOTINA Thesis Prize

Problem (evidence)

The integration of the gender dimension in dissertations exists, but is not very frequent or publicised.


Public recognition within the RPO of the importance of integrating a gender dimension in research by methods such as a prize, or a mention in the graduation event, etc.


Human Resources and Material Resources are needed.

Brief outcomes

Raising awareness of the gender dimension in research which has led several contributions towards Gendered Innovations.

Contribution to increasing future research about gender and the integration of sex-and-gender variables in research.

Key area

Researchers and research: gender equality and sex and gender perspective

Type of action

Positive action/policy


Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG)
Higher education institution

Action level of implementation



The PLOTINA ISEG team launched the call for the PLOTINA Thesis Prize (here). The team defined the rules for the prize and the membership of the scientific committee for the evaluation. The rules are available in Portuguese. The Jury (Scientific Committee) is composed by the members of The Master Coordination.

All the Master Coordinator Commissions were contacted and informed.

All Master Theses that include gender issues completed during the period of the PLOTINA Project were considered.


Membership of the Scientific Committee competed with many other academic duties and no workload is recognised.

A method for making the prize sustainable after the conclusion of PLOTINA is needed.

Coping strategies

To consider recognising the workload of such commitments.

Companies are being contacted to provide sponsorship.

Tips/strategies – Lessons learnt

Follow other models for Prizes that exist in the institution (an example here for a different subject and goal).

The timing of the announcement of the prize is very important. It must be announced together with the other prizes that already exist in order to have larger impact.

More detailed Outcomes/Impact

An annual prize is the goal.

Reflection/what we would do differently

The PLOTINA Prize was very welcomed by students and Coordinators of Master Courses (20 Masters in ISEG). However, the pool of potential winners did not increase over time.

The material incentive seems to be important but a cultural change to encourage researchers to include a gender dimension in project design is also needed.