This monitoring tool will support you in becoming effective on your journey in monitoring and evaluating the GEP’s progress:

 It is based on 10 core indicators, and 40 specific indicators which can be selected according to your self-tailored GEP’ focus – the indicators have been developed and intensively tested by six RPOs. You can however edit and/or add your own indicators.

 It measures and visualizes your progress over different time periods.

 It consists of a virtual survey, which provides you with a clear structure for the data collection process.

 It  consists further of a visualization tool presenting your GEP’s progress data in an easy to grasp way, together with an overall indicator

 It can be customized according to your perceived importance and target value of indicators.

 It is free, open source and can be set-up on your server and adapted to your needs.

Monitoring Tool Tutorial Video

The elements of the monitoring tool

INDICATORS for measuring the GEP‘s progress contain:

  • Questions for the survey
  • Formulas for the visualization tool

User select the RPO’s specific indicators

On-line survey web-app for data collection.

When the survey is finished, data are exported to the visualisation tool.

Visualization of the indicators calculated by means of the collected data – comparison of the different time points.