A Gender Audit is an assessment process by which the gender equality state-of-art at an organization is analysed and the main gender biases are identified. A gender audit would pay attention to different issues such as: the status of gender equality in their policy and decision-making structures, organizational culture and processes as well as to gather staff’s perceptions, understanding and behaviours towards the issue.

In Research Performing Organizations a Gender Audit also evaluates to what extent the gender perspective is integrated into the Academical policy and programmes, in Research, in study curricula, in the management of work and staff’s wellbeing.

After all, the Gender Audit will provide us with the picture of the present situation from a gender perspective

A Gender Audit wants to:

  • Understand the organization’s current practices and situation from a gender perspective, identifying gaps and strong points.
  • Gather qualitative and quantitative data , that will then analyse.
  • Create the baseline in which the design of the Gender Equality Plan will be besed on.
  • Create a common awareness background and understanding in the organization. As this will help on the future implementation of the Gender Equality Plan.

For more information on this, you can check EIGE’s GEAR Tool: http://eige.europa.eu/gender-mainstreaming/methods-tools/gender-audit