The Gender audit will include quantitative and qualitative data about the state-of-art in the organization. The reality is that the qualitative data will be crucial for us to understand certain quantitative data. In PLOTINA a quantitative and a qualitative audit checklists were designed at the beginning of the project, then the two were adapted based on the RPO’s experiences in using them.

Both Checklists have the same structure, in the sense they have been divided in 5 Key Areas, which are the main challenges RPO’s face towards gender equality:

Key Area 1

The governance bodies, key actors and decision-makers

Key Area 2

Recruitment, career progression and retention

Key Area 3

Work and personal life integration

Key Area 4

Researchers and research: gender equality and sex and gender perspective

Key Area 5

Integration of sex and gender dimension in teaching curricula

The Audit Checklists  have been prepared after an extensive analysis of the present critical issues in Academia relating to: decision-making participation, gender equality processes and practices in recruitment, selection and career progression, in research content and in study curricula.

These checklists are open, and you can take it from here, and edit them adapting them to your specific needs. We invite you to use both checklists: