As the overall objective of PLOTINA is to enable the development, implementation and assessment of self-tailored Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) with innovative and sustainable strategies for Research Performing Organizations (RPOs), a set of modular and adaptable resources has been designed, for any RPO at the starting stage in the setting up of GEPS.

This section brings together the selection of the actions implemented by PLOTINA RPO partners in their own organizations as part of their GEPs, as well as a set of actions already undertaken by RPOs partners and the GEPs available in the public domain in Europe, and some Case Studies, some research and teaching case studies carried out by the Research Performing Organizations (RPO) members of the PLOTINA Consortium, as examples of the integration of the gender dimension into the design, evaluation and implementation of research. Click on each icon for further information.

Library of actions

This section contains specific actions that a given RPO can implement as part of its self-tailored GEPs. This compilation of actions are divided in 5 Key Areas.