Developing an exit questionnaire for staff to understand the reasons for leaving the organization from a gender perspective

Problem (evidence)

An exit survey existed. It could be more GEP-oriented with questions specifically focusing on the hardships in working life and career that stem from gender-related factors.


To turn the existing exit survey made by the HR Unit into a more gender-sensitive examination of the work and personal life integration measures and similar provisions at OzU, as well as of the quality of working environment. 

To be more able to analyse the state of gender equality and sensitivity at OzU.


The HR Unit needs to be involved in the examination of gender-sensitive exit survey used in academic institutions. Also, collaboration needs to be made with academics working in areas such as organizational structures and psychology in designing the additional gender-focused exit questions. 

Brief outcomes

The exit surveys given to academics and administrative staff now provide the opportunity to analyze the collected feedback from a gendered perspective with the help of the gender-sensitive questions added to them.

Key area

Recruitment, career progression and retention

Type of action

Data gathering and analysis


Özyeğin Üniversitesi
Higher education institution

Action level of implementation

Departments, staff


Meetings were organized with the Rector to implement this action. The Rector asked the GE Unit to study examples of gender-sensitive exit surveys and formulate gender-related questions to be integrated into the exit surveys given to academic and administrative personnel leaving the institution. This process was completed in collaboration with the HR upon examining the best examples of such exit surveys.


Finding or formulating the most effective gender-related exit questions was a challenge. 

Coping strategies

Examples of gender-sensitive exit surveys were studied by the GE Unit and the HR Office. OzU experts working on organizational psychology were interviewed by the GE Unit while implementing this action. 

More detailed Outcomes/Impact

To be able to analyse the institutional structure of OzU from the perspective of gender-sensitive services and measures.


The HR Unit and the GE Unit will analyse the exit surveys made with the personnel leaving OzU and take actions to address the problems expressed in the surveys.