Organising internal training workshops on the use of sex and gender analysis methods in Research

Problem (evidence)

Audit showed that researchers sometimes pick their topics with an expectation to be acknowledged and given visibility due to the importance and impact of their research subject.


To encourage researchers to be more gender-sensitive in the conception, planning and execution of their research projects.   


Such incentives need to be created with the initiative of the university administration and gender-sensitive research projects must be surveyed in close collaboration with relevant bodies such as the Technology Transfer Office and/or the Sustainability Platform. Also, workshops focusing on the integration of gender into research need to be allocated a budget for the trainers, venue and logistics.  

Brief outcomes

University-wide acknowledgement of the project with the strongest gender perspective should keep the focus of this action –promoting a gender-sensitive research approach– on OzU’s academic/scientific agenda.

Key area

Researchers and research: gender equality and sex and gender perspective

Type of action



Özyeğin Üniversitesi (OZU)
Higher education institution

Action level of implementation



Together with the Rectorate, the GE Unit discussed the kinds of incentives to be created to fulfil this action.

A protocol was made with the Istanbul Office of the Swedish Raoul Wallenberg Institute to organize a series of workshops in all scientific areas at OzU about how to integrate sex/gender into research projects. These workshops, the first of which will be held on December 14, 2019, will emphasize that research excellence requires the presence of a gender dimension in projects. 

In June 2019, a meeting was held with the Rector, in which it was decided that the 4 working clusters of OzU’s Sustainability Platform nominate 4 research projects at the end of every academic year make gender sensitive projects more visible. From among these 4 projects with a strong gender perspective, one project will be rewarded as the best OzU research project addressing sex/gender-related issues. This project will be announced in the OzU newspaper and the website. The researchers will be interviewed, and their work will be made more visible. The evaluation of these 4 projects will be made the GE Unit and relevant academics. 

More detailed Outcomes/Impact

This action aims at increasing the number of research projects with a sex/gender focus.