Taking maternity, paternity and parental leave periods into consideration when assessing and evaluating research output for recruitment and promotion decisions

Problem (evidence)

The performance evaluation system was redesigned in 2018 to include quantitative items that were not included in the previous system. Maternity and parental (and other caring) leave were not taken into account in performance evaluation and subsequently in assessing career progression.


To avoid discrimination in the evaluation of the performance of staff because of maternity, parental, and other caring leave periods.


Time allocation

Brief outcomes

The new process of evaluation is not in place yet, but when it comes into force our proposal will be included and care and family duties will be taken into consideration.

Key area

Recruitment, career progression and retention

Type of action

Positive action/policy


Mondragon Unibertsitatea
Higher education institution

Action level of implementation

Researchers and professors


A work group was established by the Social Board to design the evaluation manual. The director of the Faculty of Engineering presented the first proposal to the Social Board and in meetings open to all the staff. Everyone had the opportunity to make contributions to the proposed manual and the PLOTINA Team proposed: to include maternity and parental leave and leave to take care of dependent persons in the evaluation of the new quantitative items.


There was no resistance, the director said that the proposal was meaningful and included it in the new manual. The group that was designing the manual noted that no one had realized that there was discrimination in the past.

More detailed Outcomes/Impact

No discrimination on performance evaluation because of maternal or parental or other caring leave.

Unintended consequences

The proposal was accepted and created greater awareness of an previous inequality issue created.