Appointing delegates (in departments/faculties/schools) to be responsible for monitoring and ensuring that workplace procedures and practices are gender-neutral

Problem (evidence)

From the Gender Audit in UNIBO emerged that having a network of appointed delegates would strengthen the ownership of the GEP where there is a lack of responsibility.


The creation of a network of delegates aims at involving UNIBO staff members in a capillary way and at controlling the effectiveness of GEP action implementation.


Negotiation skills; problem solving and communication skills.

Brief outcomes

Delegates are controlling the effectiveness of the GEP actions at departmental level and providing feedback and suggestions to the UNIBO PLOTINA Team on the GEP’s actions implementation.

Key area

The governance bodies, key actors and decision-makers

Type of action

Creation of structures


Alma Mater Studiorum – Universita Di Bologna
Higher education institution

Action level of implementation

Departments, staff, students


To create the network the PLOTINA UNIBO Team sent an official mail to all the Departments’ Directors asking them to suggest 2 delegates per Department, one for the teaching and research staff, one for the technical and administrative staff, with a know-how and interest in gender equality. In 2016 out of 33 Departments 30 have answered positively and have nominated 2 delegates. The network established has met several times to discuss firstly the GEP development and, after its publication in 2017, the network continued to meet to discuss its implementation.


Lack of time due to the heavy workload of some delegates.

Coping strategies

When a delegate cannot participate in a meeting he/she receives the minutes and can communicate via mail with the PLOTINA UNIBO Team.

Tips/strategies – Lessons learnt

Before the meeting with delegates it is useful to send them a clear agenda with some key points to be discussed. After the meeting, it is useful to send them back a report and some ideas for further developments. 

More detailed Outcomes/Impact

As long-term impact, the delegates network will contribute to the sustainability of some GEP’s actions even after the end of the PLOTINA Project, because both in 2017 and 2018 delegates participated in the meeting promoted by the PLOTINA UNIBO Team in a very proactive way, collecting feedback from their colleagues and reporting it to the PLOTINA Team, but also explaining and disseminating the PLOTINA actions to their department members.