Creation of a figure/role of gender and diversity coordinator that refers to top decision bodies

Main aim of the action

The aim of this action is to recruit a gender equality specialist to help oversee and coordinate with the Gender Equality Unit (GE Unit) the implementation and institutionalization of OzU’s GEP, and to work towards gender mainstreaming across the university.

Expected impact

The most significant impact expected of this action was the acceleration of GEP implementation and, more specifically, of the planning of gender equality awareness seminars for decision-makers and the academic and administrative staff.


A job advertisement for the gender equality expert position was posted to the national job announcement platforms, online and physical. The PLOTINA team also distributed the same call to the relevant networks of academics and NGOs conducting gender-related projects. The action was completed as of December 2018.


Institutional administrative processes regarding the creation and the filling of a new post such as the gender equality expert were more complex and took longer than expected. Besides, this was a highly qualified position mixing academic and administrative skills. Although it attracted a considerable number of applications, qualified candidates were few due to the hybrid nature of the post.

Copying strategies

Implementation has been achieved through sustained communication and discussion with the relevant university bodies such as the Rectorate and the Human Resources Unit.


Overall, the employment of a gender expert was intended to ensure constant communication and coordination between the GE Unit, university administration and the OzU community regarding the success of GEP implementation. This was crucial for gender mainstreaming and a sustainable culture change at OzU. This desired outcome has been reached and the process is a continuous one.

Key area

The governance bodies, key actors and decision-makers

Type of action

Creation of structures


Özyeğin Üniversitesi (OZU)
Higher education institution

Action level of implementation

Researchers/professors and technical and administrative staff