Creation of a figure/role of gender and diversity coordinator that refers to top decision bodies

Main aim of the action

Having a liaison person specialized in gender-related issues to help oversee and coordinate with the PLOTINA team and the Gender Equality Committee to implementation of GEP. This person, who will ideally be experienced also in the conducting of such plans and projects in institutional settings, will significantly contribute to our performance as the OzU PLOTINA team, which is composed of only four persons–three persons teaching full time all year. The gender expert post will be permanent and this person’s salary will be funded by the university administration, as s/he will not be affiliated with a specific department or unit except the GE committee. S/he will be part of the administration through this very committee as its permanent member.

Expected impact

Acceleration of the planning of initial trainings and seminars for decision-makers and the academic and administrative staff. Constant communication and coordination between the Gender Equality Committee, the university administration and the OzU community regarding the GEP.


We have created the job description and the responsibilities and skills of the desired gender expert. Next step is for the Rectorate to advertise the position, receive applications and evaluate them in a specially formed committee. We will participate in the evaluation and selection process and act according to the specific needs of the project and the GEP.


Since it is a top-down policy endorsed by the Rector and the Board of Trustees, we expect no resistance to this action. The main challenge, though, is the fact that much of the administrative process at OzU depends on the Rector and her personal calendar, and her availability plays a crucial role in the timely implementation of such actions.

Coping strategies

We need to do our best to hasten the process to get together wıth the Rector and the faculty representatives to effect this implementation.

Key area

The governance bodies, key actors and decision-makers

Type of action

Creation of structures


Özyeğin Üniversitesi (OZU)
Higher education institution

Action level of implementation

Researchers/professors and technical and administrative staff