Wide communication policy for vacant positions, inside and outside

Main aim of the action

Increase transparency and visibility for vacancies to attract candidates from a diversified pool.

Expected impact/outcome

Increase of applicants and hired staff with diverse characteristics.


We started to create a mailing list for job openings informing (we are gathering contacts on all promoting events we are carrying out), publishing new job opening in national newspaper, social media, Institute for Employment, different kind of website for that purpose, magazines, our website, sending the information to all employees and other research organizations and also publishing it on Euraxess to get to international sphere, we also inform our 300 employees and starting to announce new opening in the circles that promote women in science and promote science generally.

Resources required

We do not have to pay for any of this as county is supporting new employees, the promotion is done by PR department and HR department and is became a standard procedure so it is sustainable. We prepare the text for the adverts so we pay attention for any biases and did not found one yet, but maybe there would be an opportunity to start collaboration with experts on this field for further guidance.


The leaders of research sections already having their own candidates, for example students who already work in our organizations for their diploma for example. For sure here is a great possibilities of bias since leaders of the departments have their hands free on hireling new employees. But it would be quite hard to change the organization rules regarding that since that is the case sonce the beginning of the institute.

Coping strategies

Consider if this is an advantage but we also started to promote new opportunities to the public and then HR department is paying attention to the job applications that come to us and the talk to the specific leaders of the departments that could gain from the knowledge of new candidate. From the time that we are actively promoting this the number of (not before known) employments increase.

Key area

Recruitment, career progression and retention

Type of action



Kemijski Inštitut, National Institute of Chemistry (NIC)
Research institute

Action level of implementation

New staff