Promotion of campaigns within and outside 
the institution to make women’s contribution to research and the gender diversity of research teams more visible

Main aim of the action

The aim of this action is to raise awareness and encourage researchers and professors to adopt the integration of the sex-gender variables in their research practices. Moreover, the action aims to contribute at the process of elimination of those stereotypes underpinning androcentrism in science.

Expected impact

The possibility that a broad community, within and outside the RPO, acknowledges the connection between gender and science.


The Plotina Unibo Team have created the PLOTINA GAME, a game focused on career good practices and role models for women, with pictures and history of women scientists, researchers and academics. Like in the Memory game, participants must find the same picture portraying a female scientist in two different decks of cards; once they find it, they are asked to answer to a question on the female scientist, researcher or academic portrayed in the picture. On the 29th of May, 2018 the Plotina UNIBO Team organized the PLOTINA Game in collaboration with another H2020 project coordinated by the Bologna municipality (ROCK) and the women Association Orlando. Moreover, as for 2017, The PLOTINA UNIBO Team has formally asked to participate with the PLOTINA Game to the UNIBO RESEARCH NIGHT held in Autumn 2018. Thus on the 28th of September the PLOTINA Game has been performed during the European Research Night in UNIBO.


On the 29th of May, ten people were involved in the Game (3 women and 7 men), 8 students of Medicine and Argicultural and Food Sciences, two representatives of local associations. On the 28th of September 35 persons were involved in the Game (20 women and 15 men).

Participants admitted that before playing the game they did not know anything about the quoted female scientist and/or politicians. Participants learnt about the role and the contribution of women in science in a very friendly atmosphere.

Lessons learnt/transferability/reflection

The Plotina team try to organize the game in an attractive way. The desk of cards is enough big to be visible on a table under a stand where is also exposed the poster of the PLOTINA project. To convince people to play the Team usually explain that “it is a game to laugh and learn”.


In the Interim Evaluation Report of the UNIBO Gender Equality Plan, made by anonymous referees, the PLOTINA Game resulted as the best action for effectiveness and innovation.

Key area

Recruitment, career progression and retention

Type of action

Awareness raising/Communication


Alma Mater Studiorum – Universita Di Bologna (UNIBO)
Higher education institution

Action level of implementation

Researchers and professors