Equality in the selection process of people

On December 4th, Mondragon University has given a course about the equality in the selection process of people for the responsible of this activity in the University. The election process has to be done by following some rules, with this, the equality between women and men is guaranteed.

This action was part of a group of formative actions planned in the Equality Plan of Mondragon University and it comes from the participation of the organization in the European Project PLOTINA.

In the session all the representatives that have the responsibility of the election process of each faculty of Mondragon University have taken part.

Mondragon University has had the opportunity to have Silvia Muriel in this session, who is an expert on this topic.

The University has already had a session of awareness and presentation of the diagnosis and equality plan with the Governing Board and Executive Board of every faculty, the session has been imparted by Elhuyar. There have also been a session of awareness and formation in terminologies that are used in the Governing Board, Executive Board and Coordination in the different areas of the University, this session has been imparted by Amelia Barquín.