Progress by the MU-Mondragon University in Gender Equality

During 2018 the Plotina RPO partner Mondragon University has achieved several advances in Gender Equality, including internal regulation changes, new protocols, training and awareness-raising initiatives.

The first training course for everyone involved in recruitment processes at the MU took place on 31/05/2018 and was very successful. The 26 participants provided very positive feedback about the course, giving a score of 4.7 (out of 5) for the degree of interest of the course, and a score of 4.85 (out of 5) for the lecturer.

In addition, the MU’s Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Humanities and Education have proposed a change in the internal regulations to promote the election of people of the less represented sex (instead of the oldest ones) to the Governing Board. This change will be put to a vote in the general assembly in February 2019.

Furthermore, on 11/04/2018 the Faculty of Engineering included maternity and paternity leave in the proposal of the new Performance Evaluation System, following the advice of the PLOTINA team.

Then in 9/2018 the MU launched a process to design a new protocol against sexual harassment at the Faculty of Humanities and Education. It will be a collaborative process in which lecturers, staff and students will be taking part during the whole academic year.

The MU also organized a World Cafe about New Roles for Women in order to connect young students with women in governing bodies. It was held on 21/03/2018 and was attended by 11 students, 4 of whom were women; their feedback was very positive, the average score being 8.7 (out of 10).