PLOTINA in Basque Newspapers

PLOTINA project received an extended coverage by most read newspapers in Basque Country.

PLOTINA partners Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Elhuyar explained some of the challenges and objectives to be achieved through the project.

El Diario Vasco offered a full page report in Spanish, which header is “Igualdad pendiente en la ciencia” – Equality pending in science

Gara, on the other hand, published a two pages report in Basque, entitled “Ikerketa emakumeei egokituta ere antolatu behar da” –Research must be organized adjusting also to women

Goiena, finally, published an interview to Ainhoa Larrañaga, MU representative in PLOTINA. They highlighted that “Unibertsitatean berdintasun planak sustatu nahi ditugu”- We want to promote equality plans at the university