PLOTINA in Turkish national media

PLOTINA has received press coverage in almost every national media organ in Turkey

The occasion was International Women’s Day and the news reported was in the format of an interview with Dr Berna Zengin Arslan, featuring as the spokesperson for the Ozyegin Universitesi (OzU) PLOTINA team. As for the content, it mostly comprises data from OzU‘s own audit and OECD as well as EIGE indices regarding inequalities and imbalances between men and women working in different areas in academia and economic sectors. These have to do with the distribution of researchers, students, and employees in different areas, in their career development and salaries. The overarching theme is the need to prevent the loss of women’s skills and to ensure their contributions to research and the economy. The news report also makes the connection between this theme, the issue of sustainability as a UN goal, and the goals of PLOTINA generally and at OzU.

Below are the links to some of the most visited websites of national newspapers where this news appeared. The headlines are naturally similar and they read “Same work but different salaries between women and men” and “Women doing the same job earn 80 lira whereas men earn 100.”