admin15 Nov, 2017

Seminar at the Mondragon University to raise awareness about equality

Throughout the morning 34 people belonging to the Governing Councils, Management Boards and Equality Teams of the 4 faculties that make up the Mondragon University participated in a working session on equality guided by Elhuyar.

During this session an explanation was provided on the nature of the  PLOTINA project, which they are participating in, the data extracted from the diagnosis made by the University were analysed, and so were the actions that are set to be carried out over a 4-year period as part of the specified equality plan, and there

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admin6 Nov, 2017

The PLOTINA working Lexicon has been updated and published

Definitions on Gender Equality, Work-Personal Life Integration and Culture have been agreed to ensure that all partners have a similar ‘working’ language with a common understanding of the concepts within the PLOTINA project. The following lexicon includes concepts the defining of which is important  for the purposes of this project. It is not intended to be a comprehensive dictionary for experts but a working language for PLOTINA and its resulting impact on the active STEMM and non-STEMM academic communities.

The Consortium is aware that the definitions adopted are not perfect for

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admin3 Oct, 2017

Promoting and supporting gender equality in research and academia: the work of EIGE

On 26 – 27 September, EIGE met with gender equality stakeholders in Ljubljana to support the advancement of gender equality. EIGE presented its methods and tools that Slovenian colleagues could use to monitor & progress gender equality, such as the Gender Equality Index, Gender Statistics Database and Gender Mainstreaming Platform.

There was also a presentation of Plotina Project in the event.


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admin2 Oct, 2017

PLOTINA at European Researcher Night 2017

The PLOTINA Unibo Team, together with the Center for gender and education studies, have participated at the European Researcher Night 2017, with the PLOTINA GAME, a game focused on career good practices and role models for women, with pictures and history of women scientists, researcher and academics. Participants had to find the same pictures in two different decks of cards and answer to a question on a female scientist, researcher or academics. The PLOTINA GAME winners received as prizes the organic products of UNIBO farm company (

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admin28 Sep, 2017

The University of Bologna has published its Gender Equality Plan

The University of Bologna has published its Gender Equality Plan (GEP) that includes actions to “identify and implement innovative strategies to promote cultural change and equal opportunities in Universities and Research Centers” (European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).

Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna has supported the formulation of the GEP in the context of the PLOTINA Project, referring also to the Agenda 2030 issued by the United Nations, believing that reaching gender equality means achieving a future Sustainable Development.

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admin27 Sep, 2017

Conference “Frau trifft Alter” (Woman meets age)

On September 27, 2017, PLOTINA attended a conference on “Women meets Age: Health Between Rollers, Age and Invisibility” organized by the Vienna Women’s Health Program.

The interdisciplinary conference focused on the prevalence of negative age stereotypes and skeletal stereotypes as well as their effects on the health of women.

Women are “made old” by society at a young age. The devaluation of women has historical roots. Prejudices and age discrimination, so-called ageisms, have a long “tradition”.

Older people are part of life and affect both sexes equally. Nevertheless, women are judged stronger than men according to

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admin19 Sep, 2017

Integrating sex and gender in research and scientific journals

The PLOTINA workshop “Integrating Sex and Gender in Research and Scientific Journals” was held at the University of Bologna on September 11 and 12, 2017.

The workshop “Training the trainers in the Integration of Sex and Gender Variables in Research” took place on Monday 11th with the participation of Elizabeth Pollitzer, director of PORTIA Gender and Science.

On Tuesday 12th the workshop “The Inclusion of Sex and Gender Analysis in the Guides for Authors and Calls for Papers Issued by Scientific Journals” was held. In the introduction to the workshop, Judith Crews,

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