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Integrating sex and gender in research and scientific journals

The PLOTINA workshop “Integrating Sex and Gender in Research and Scientific Journals” was held at the University of Bologna on September 11 and 12, 2017.

The workshop “Training the trainers in the Integration of Sex and Gender Variables in Research” took place on Monday 11th with the participation of Elizabeth Pollitzer, director of PORTIA Gender and Science.

On Tuesday 12th the workshop “The Inclusion of Sex and Gender Analysis in the Guides for Authors and Calls for Papers Issued by Scientific Journals” was held. In the introduction to the workshop, Judith Crews,

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STEM Gender Equality Congress (SGEC)


On July 8th and 9th, 2017, was held the STEM Gender Equality Congress (SGEC) in Berlin, where Prof. Tullia Gallina Toschi, of the University of Bologna, Italy, and coordinator of PLOTINA Project, gave a conference.

SGEC is a 2 day conference hosted annually by Science Impact Ltd., and the best case studies, most important policy developments, and an opportunity to network with other delegates who are facing the same challenges in trying to balance gender equality in STEM around the globe are offered.

The conference by PLOTINA coordinator, was entitled “Promoting gender balance and inclusion

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Gender Power


La carriera scientifica resta ancora una riserva maschile. Al sorpasso delle donne sugli uomini nell’istruzionenonè,infatti,seguitoquellonelleprofessioniaccademiche. Ma le storie di 10 alumnae Bocconi dimostrano che la strada è sempre meno in salita.

Sin dall’antichità molte donne si sono occupate di scien- za, ma sono state per un lungo periodo delle eccezioni e le loro vite paragonabili a quelle di eroine mitiche. Una fra tutte è stata la matematica russa Sonia Kowalewskaja (1850-1891; per approfondire la vicenda di Sonia Kowa- lewskaja segnalo il volume: S. Kowalewskaja Ricordi d’in- fanzia e A.-C. Leffler La
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On January 30, 2017, the Unit of Women’s Studies and Problems in Academia, which is a branch of the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) in Turkey, held a meeting in Ankara titled “Convention of Women’s Studies Centers in Universities.” As the PLOTINA team at Özyeğin University (OzU), we attended this convention which was primarily aimed at evaluating the plans and practices of women’s studies centers in universities across Turkey.

The meeting opened with the address of Prof. Safa Kapıcıoğlu, Vice Director of CoHE, who emphasized that higher education and research institutions

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GARCIA thematic event

Ljubljana, 18 January 2017

PLOTINA was invited to present its activities at thematic event of the project GARCIA: Gendering the Academy and Research: combating Career Instability and Asymmetries.

The event was titled “Gender Equality in Science? Early Career Female Researchers”. Its aim was to discuss gender asymmetry in structural mechanisms and everyday practices in early stage researchers’ career. In addition, the event gathered all current Slovenian projects that are devoted to the promotion of gender equality in order to exchange results and experiences.

Slovenian partner of PLOTINA, the National Institute of Chemistry, represented

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GenPORT: an Internet portal for sharing knowledge and inspiring collaborative action on gender and science.

This online portal aims at:

Providing co-ordinated access to resources on gender, science, technology and innovation, Increasing their visibility, accessibility and usability by classifying and organising them according to stakeholders’ needs, Promoting exchange of experiences and COLLABORATION Making the portal and the community of practice sustainable for current and future users.

On this portal, you can find different types of content: articles, policy documents, toolkits, events announcements, ratings, translations, discussion groups, questions, other user-defined services.

You can find our PLOTINA project here:



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One of the first action of the project was to agree definitions on Gender Equality, Work-Life Balance and Culture to ensure that all partners have a similar ‘working’ language with a common understanding of the concepts within the PLOTINA project.

The methodology and the agreed definitions of te above cited concepts can all be found in the Deliverable 3.1, ready for download:

Download the Plotina Lexicon



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Press release

Promoting Gender Equality in Academia and Research The PLOTINA Project


In the European Union, gender balance has been achieved amongst PhD Graduates. Indeed, in 2012, women made up 40% to 60% of PhD Graduates in every European country. However, the under-representation of women in research positions and senior academic ranks is still persistent. In 2011, women in the EU accounted for only 33 % of researchers (EU-28) and in 2013 women comprised only 21 % of the top-level researchers (grade A), showing very limited progress compared to 2010 (20 %) (SHE Figures,
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The 9th Gender Summit Edition

This document illustrates the overall objective, the workpackages and the tools of the PLOTINA Project. It contains an explanation of the first case study on gendered research on food. Together with a poster, it was used to present the project during the Gender Summit on 8/9 November in Brussels. The Gender Summit is a platform for dialogue between scientists, policy makers, gender scholars and key stakeholder groups in science endeavors. This year, the GS9 focused on how an understanding of sex/gender issues in research and innovation can also ensure sustainable and effective development.

Gender summit website

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