Oihane Lakar9 Apr, 2018

PLOTINA in Basque Newspapers

PLOTINA project received an extended coverage by most read newspapers in Basque Country.

PLOTINA partners Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Elhuyar explained some of the challenges and objectives to be achieved through the project.

El Diario Vasco offered a full page report in Spanish, which header is “Igualdad pendiente en la ciencia” – Equality pending in science

Gara, on the other hand, published a two

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Oihane Lakar14 Mar, 2018

PLOTINA in Turkish national media

PLOTINA has received press coverage in almost every national media organ in Turkey

The occasion was International Women’s Day and the news reported was in the format of an interview with Dr Berna Zengin Arslan, featuring as the spokesperson for the Ozyegin Universitesi (OzU) PLOTINA team. As for the content, it mostly comprises data from OzU‘s own audit and OECD as

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Oihane Lakar13 Mar, 2018

PLOTINA with an initiative of the Swedish Embassy

The ISEG –Lisbon School of Economics & Management– and the H2020 PLOTINA –Promoting Gender Balance and Inclusion in Research Innovation and Training– Project were associated with the initiative of the Swedish Embassy ​​within the scope of the Swedish Dads project, which in Portugal adopted the designation of “Parents With Love”, and jointly organize the Photography Contest and the “Parents with

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Oihane Lakar13 Feb, 2018

PLOTINA on Basque public TV

Plotina has been presented in the programme “Ahoz aho” on the ETB1 channel of the Basque public television broadcaster (ETB).

The presenter Ilaski Serrano asked the show’s scientific guest Ana Galarraga about the Plotina project, and Ana spoke about its main objectives and key aspects.

The presenter expressed interest in the project and promised to offer it the chance to participate in

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Oihane Lakar31 Jan, 2018

Deadline extended: Call for applications – peer reviewers for Gender Equality Plans

PLOTINA project needs three external reviewers of the Gender Equality Plans’ progress.

The overall objective of PLOTINA is to enable the development, implementation and assessment of self-tailored #Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) with innovative and sustainable strategies for the Research Performing Organizations (RPOs) involved.  The progress made by the PLOTINA RPOs, in terms of governance of #gender equality policies, strategies and processes, gender equality in recruitment, career

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Oihane Lakar22 Jan, 2018

PLOTINA at MU’s online television channel

Plotina RPOs partner Mondragon Unibertsitatea echoes the Plotina project in its online television channel, with a report on its general aims, and specifically, telling about the activities carried out within the university related to gender equality.


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Oihane Lakar22 Jan, 2018

GENERA workshop for experts and practitioners

On January 22 and 23, 2018, PLOTINA attended at Kings College London the Network Meeting for experts and practitioners of GENERA project, the Gender Equality Network in the European Research Area.

The aim of the Workshop is to discuss up-to-date evidence and best practice for GEP design and implementation in physics research organisations and to establish the genera network as a

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Oihane Lakar19 Jan, 2018

Sharing experiences of the first year of implementing Gender Equality Plans in Research Performing Organisations

The PLOTINA Project Istanbul meeting was held at the Özyeğin University from January 10 to 12, 2018.

On Wednesday 10th the workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation presented by Maria Schwarz-Woelzl from ZSI was held. Its purpose was to discuss the lessons learned from the data collection and insertion into the Gender Equality Plans (GEP), and anticipate the upcoming steps.

On Thursday 11th

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