Oihane Lakar13 Jul, 2018

Still a young woman on the top of sensory research

Camilla Cattaneo, PhD student in Food Systems at University of Milan (tutor: Ella Pagliarini), has been selected as the Awardee of the Sensory Sciences Scholarship (15000 $) for the academic year of 2018/2019.  Applicants for the scholarship must be enrolled in a PhD. Program such as Food Science, Nutrition, Psychology or Physiology. The planned or on-going dissertation research must be on a

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Oihane Lakar3 Jul, 2018

Özyeğin University has published its Gender Equality Plan

Özyeğin University has published its Gender Equality Plan (GEP), and has supported its formulation in the context of its commitment to the Agenda 2030 issued by the United Nations to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development.

The GEP includes actions to reach the previous objectives and responds to the guidelines of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) as it aims to

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Oihane Lakar22 Jun, 2018

PLOTINA video: PLOTINA Monitoring Tool Tutorial Video

We have produced a tutorial video for the PLOTINA Monitoring Tool. Check it out, it will support you on your journey in monitoring and evaluating your GEP’s progress.

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Oihane Lakar20 Jun, 2018

PLOTINA at the 2018 Gender Summit

The 2018 Gender Summit (GS15) meeting was held on 18-19 June in London. It was 15th in the series and the first for London. Like previous events it wasled by influential science institutions, with the Science and Engineering South Consortium of leading universities as the principal partner.

The 2-day programme was organised under the theme “United in Science and through Science”, and

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Oihane Lakar8 Jun, 2018

Internal training seminars on the use of the sex and gender variables in research in the University of Bologna

As for the previous academic year, for the 2017/18 the PLOTINA UNIBO team has organized two internal training seminars on the use of the sex and gender variables in research. The first seminar will be held at the Faculty of Law on the 14th of June. The second seminar will be held in the Faculty of Management on the 3th of

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Oihane Lakar31 May, 2018

Rigen(d)erare gli spazi e le relazioni

Rigen(d)erare gli spazi e le relazioni (Regen(d)eration of space and relationship) interdisciplinary meeting was held on 29th May, 2018 in one of main squares of Bologna, Piazza Verdi, in the framework of another H2020 project (ROCK, Regeneration in Knowledge and Creative Cities), and organized by Centro dell Donne di Bologna and Association Orlando, U-Lab, to examine how the relationship between

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Oihane Lakar7 May, 2018

Gender Cluster Event: main highlights

On February 28, 2018 an H2020 Gender Equality Plan (GEP) project networking and brainstorming event was organized by Unit B5 of the Research Executive Agency and Unit B7 of DG Research and Innovation.

Three parallel workshops were organized in a “World Café” style. Each workshop involved approximately 15 participants in funded GEP projects (both from FP7 and H2020), and they focused

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Oihane Lakar4 May, 2018

PLOTINA in Austrian Press Agency

Plotina advances in its international diffusion, and now it has been the Austrian Press Agency (APA) which has echoed the project, in cooperation with the ZSI.

The news highlights the following words from scientific director of PLOTINA, Prof. Tullia Gallina Toschi, on the objectives and context of the PLOTINA project: “Gender inequality leads to waste of talent If a research institution

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Oihane Lakar9 Apr, 2018

PLOTINA in Basque Newspapers

PLOTINA project received an extended coverage by most read newspapers in Basque Country.

PLOTINA partners Mondragon Unibertsitatea and Elhuyar explained some of the challenges and objectives to be achieved through the project.

El Diario Vasco offered a full page report in Spanish, which header is “Igualdad pendiente en la ciencia” – Equality pending in science

Gara, on the other hand, published a two

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