STEM Gender Equality Congress (SGEC)

On June 8th and 9th, 2017, the STEM Gender Equality Congress was held in Berlin, which focuses on good case studies and important policy developments regarding gender equality in STEM.

This event provides an opportunity for networking and sharing practices with delegates on addressing the same challenges in towards advancement of gender equality in STEM. The PLOTINA Project was invited to the Congress and the PLOTINA Coordinator delivered a presentation on the objectives and progress of PLOTINA.

All the partners participated in the Congress through the design and presentation of institutional posters. Each one of the partners demonstrated institutional PLOTINA activities to share knowledge and practices with the wider community attending the Congress.

The conference by PLOTINA coordinator, was entitled “Promoting gender balance and inclusion in research, innovation and training: advancements and challenges”. She presented the actual achievements and planning of the PLOTINA project.

The event was attended by leading researchers, policy makers, equality staff, the private sector, academic staff, government representatives and NGOs, and during the 2 day agenda, the most influential Thought Leaders discuss successful gender equality programmes, successful gender policy implementation and best practice at SGEC 2017.

All presentation videos and slides, here: